#TheFestivalDiaries: Following the Nudgings of the Spirit| Musings and Meredith Andrews

Petra Christian Centre

Meredith Andrews ‘ Spirit of The Living God’ with its simple and sweet melody captures how much we desire a supply of God’s spirit.


We have been praying for a supply of the spirit in the course of this fast, but it’s not enough for that supply to be there. We need to be alert to the instructions the Holy Spirit has for us which would of course be in line with His move.


The nudgings of the spirit are not always dramatic. It could just be a feeling or a vision places in our mind’s eye as we go about the tasks he assigns to us.


It’s really something special, but it is also simply how he leads us in our everyday lives.


We must however realise that his leadership over us is based on our continual study of his word and communion with him through prayer

The surest way he leads is by his word which registers in our spirits


Heeding to the nudgings of the Holy Spirit is an art that is perfected on the job. It takes a lot of practice, so we should not beat ourselves up even when we interpret His instructions wrongly.



Have a great day😊😊😊


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cwesi oteng kabiyesi the mercy project

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